C P Berry Groundworks

C P Berry Groundworks

C P Berry needed a website that better portrayed their services to both domestic and commercial users. The website was built from scratch using php for quicker editting as the content can change quite radically throughout the seasons. By using php Includes, I’m now able to mass edit individual sections quickly across multiple pages, instead of altering each file individually.

Having recently dived into the world of WordPress, I have now included a blog for S.E.O. uses on their website, and have manipulated the static site to pull from the latest posts to the home page.

Further posts will follow as I design and develop the website further.

View the full website here: C P Berry

About Aaron

Aaron is a budding web designer based in Nottingham, with a passion for all things digital. Aaron has worked on more than 50 web design projects throughout a variety of different industries.

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