Sole Traders, SME's and Social Media

Sole Traders, SME's and Social Media

Social media has long been consider a huge factor in the Search Engine Optimisation and accounts for a huge chunk of online usage. In relation if so many people are using Social Media as part of their day to day lifestyle, why is your business not using Social Media to interact with the unlimited digital audience available? Why is your business not engaging with potential customer and clients via their everyday routine? You may be thinking that your business is already using Social Media, in that case, great! Continue forward and I wish you all the best.

For those of you that haven’t yet broken into the Social Media world, you’re missing out. Social media represent all of your business digitally, connecting you directly with your customers and potential customers. It provides a means for people to contact you in more ways, allows them to obtain more knowledge about your business and be kept in the loop with what exactly you wish them to know about your company. Many Sole Traders and SME’s have common reasons as to why they haven’t used Social Media and why they don’t intend. The two most common reasons are time investment and lack of knowledge. Both of these are relatively easy to solve with the correct planning and preparation.

If you have previously shied away from such Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, due to not understanding how to use them, then it’s easy enough to learn. Ask co-workers, colleagues, family members, friends and of course, ask Google. It’s easy, quick and a massive boost for your business to set up these profiles. We the majority of the population now engaging on these sites, it’s vitally that your business can be found on them.
If you are worried about the time investment involved with updating statuses, sending tweets, making posts, advertising the company, then you can use a free solution. Platform programs such as Hootsuite can make a massive difference to your engagement with these sites, and provides a free use account for you to migrate all of your social media accounts in one location. With a built in tutorial to get you started, and a scheduler for planning automatic messaging throughout the day without having the even look at these sites, platforms like this can give you the Social Media presence you want, without having to check them and update them manually throughout the day.

In conclusion, you may still not believe that Social Media is right for your business, but in the long run these online entities of your business will be a huge resource to drive traffic to your website, building brand awareness and putting your business in front of the people looking for your services or products.

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